Introducing Our New Associates & Senior Associates

NORR is proud to recognize the strength of our global team with the announcement of 53 new Associates and Senior Associates. This new generation exemplifies the qualities of leadership, values and commitment during unprecedented times.

We commend these individuals for their actions that support our mission to create socially aware, environmentally responsible, and financially viable architecture and engineering design solutions to ensure our clients achieve their business goals while contributing to healthier and sustainable spaces and places across the globe.


Lizanne Dubien Studio Manager, Canada | Senior Associate
Fernando Aristi  Architect, Canada | Associate
Phillip Blythe Senior Architect, UK | Associate
Shaun Gignac Senior Designer, US | Associate
Mike Novak Project Architect, US | Associate
Chris Perkin Senior Architect, UK | Associate
Brian Tezuka Team Lead, Canada | Associate
Ben Tropp Project Architect, US | Associate


Health Sciences

Luke Le Studio Manager, Canada | Senior Associate
Caitlin DiMarzio Architect, US | Associate
Feby Kuriakose Project Manager, Canada | Associate
Bruce Lyon Studio Manager, US | Associate



Wally Funk Studio Manager, US | Senior Associate
Jason Colturi Project Architect, US | Associate



Don Squires Project Manager, Canada | Associate
Memo Terres Project Manager, Canada | Associate


Public Buildings

Tiffany Whitnack Studio Manager, Canada | Senior Associate
Arjun Mani Architectural Designer, Canada | Associate



Hilde Ver Eecke Studio Manager, Canada | Senior Associate
Scott Brendel Project Architect, US | Associate
Adam Jeckel Project Manager, US | Associate
Amber Krishock Project Designer, US | Associate
Gavin Murphy Project Manager, Canada | Associate



Alex Froehlich Designer, US | Associate
Pablo Jones Studio Manager, US | Associate
Brenna Malaney Project Manager, US | Associate
Steven Rajewski Project Manager, US | Associate
Billy Venia Project Manager, US | Associate



David Babnigg Studio Manager, US | Associate
Joel Chapin Senior Project Architect, US | Associate
Richard Deutsch Senior Project Manager, US | Associate
Sarah Gaughan Studio Manager, US | Associate
Josh Warren Project Manager, US | Associate


Practice Leaders

Larry Kowalski Practice Leader, US | Senior Associate
Paul Moore  Practice Leader, US | Senior Associate
Margaret Seid Practice Leader, US | Senior Associate 



Muath Abualqumssan Mechanical Engineering, Canada | Associate
Avishek Datta Studio Manager, US | Associate
Ali Husain Lead Structural Engineer, Canada | Associate
Jeff Ohlinger Sr. Mechanical Designer, US | Associate
Caleb Shank Structural Engineer, US | Associate


Contract Administration & Specification

Bretan Baumgardt Practice Leader, Canada | Associate
Mila Legge Sr. Specification Writer, Canada | Associate


Marketing & Business Development

Maritess Sumulong Proposal/Marketing Manager, US | Associate
Evelina Terka Manager, Business Development, Canada | Associate


 Corporate Administration

Ileana Dudu Manager, Operations, Corporate | Senior Associate
MJ Flannery Manager, Accounting, US | Senior Associate
Candy Galindo  Manager, HR, US | Senior Associate
Jessie Bhamra Financial Manager, Canada | Associate
Wilson Buckley Accounting Administrator, US | Associate
Le Van Accounting Supervisor, US | Associate


Cion | Coulter

Stephen Marson Project Manager, Canada | Associate
Paul Nasato Project Manager, Canada | Associate


A big thank you and congratulations to all of our new Associates and Senior Associates. Our future is strong.