Jacqui Souter Appointed to NORR Group of Companies Board of Directors

jacqui souter vice president of human resources at norr

June 4, 2021 – Brian Gerstmar, President and Chief Executive Officer of NORR, today announced that Jacqui Souter CHRL, Vice President, Human Resources was appointed to the NORR group of companies Board of Directors at the global A&E firm’s Annual Shareholders Meeting.

During her 19-year career at NORR, Jacqui has played a pivotal role in aligning the organizational design to its business strategy. She designs and implements effective programs, practices and policies that harmonize the human resources function across the firm and fosters continuous professional growth of employees to remain competitive in the industry.

“Under Jacqui’s leadership, we have realized the benefits of a workplace strategy that has reimagined the structure of our global teams, leveraging best practices, experience and resources across all of our sectors,” said Gerstmar. “Most recently, Jacqui has been invaluable in orchestrating  a positive employee experience through the pandemic under our work-from-home directive.”

The transition of employees to home offices happened overnight in March 2020, but the transition to a hybrid model, where employees have options on where they want to work, will require a managed plan that will occur at different times for individual offices as protocols and safety take precedence. Jacqui will lead the firm through this transition and prepare employees for the future of work.

“The workplace is evolving, and people have to remain at the top of the pyramid of priorities,” said Souter. “Keeping people connected, productive, informed – and continuously gathering and responding to feedback is essential to our employee’s well-being. To create a destination workplace, we are focused on harnessing the trust and values that we have gained from our employees through the pandemic. Going forward, we want to build on this by fostering the commitment to an enhanced employee experience that recognizes the value of a strong relationship between employees and our company.