Life at NORR

Meet Dani

An architect inspired by positive impact

dani lalonde architect at norr calgary alberta

The most memorable career accomplishment at NORR is …
Becoming a registered architect! It would not be possible without the wide array of experiences I have had while with NORR. Many people here in our Calgary office provide valuable mentorship and I feel they have truly invested in me.

I love what I do because …
The work we do has a positive and conscious social impact through the design and construction of affordable and accessible housing.

What does a day in the life at NORR look like for you?
My day is incredibly varied. I have the privilege of being involved with projects in all different phases, from schematic design to construction.

What’s an unexpected advantage that your job gives you in another area of life outside of work?
Project management skills that apply across all facets of life.

Who is your role model and why?
The many female professionals that are paving the way for women in architecture. Through the first few years of my professional life, I began to grasp the magnitude of work that remains for equality in this profession. I began to realize the challenges that those who came before me have faced and I am grateful for the impacts they have already made. I will note that I have been truly grateful for the diversity that NORR supports. Here, I feel empowered as a woman in this profession.

My parents taught me to…
Always respect others, be open to the knowledge and perspectives they bring, stay true to commitments and follow through with my absolute best effort. I believe they have prioritized these values particularly because they were both teachers.

What didn’t they teach you in school that is vital to your career and why is it important to you?
A life skill I value is the ability to uphold boundaries. I believe this is vital to ensure I bring my absolute best to the commitments I have made. As well, I believe that maintaining life balance ensures I remain healthy, energetic and positive. I communicate and work better with my team, I am more creative and innovative, and I do higher quality work in less time.

What was your favorite game as a child that provided learning for life?
I played competitive basketball for 17 years. I believe the lessons learned in that team environment have shaped many aspects of who I am today. Basketball taught me what it feels like to be on a winning team. The game showed me that great teams are built on respect, appreciation, commitment, perseverance, dedication, communication, compassion and inspired leadership.

What’s the last thing you Googled?
Episodes of the “Talking Practice” – An architecture podcast by Harvard Graduate School of Design.