Meet Shaniece

Architectural Designer - Health Sciences

shaniece sinclair architectural designer at norr toronto

My Biggest Accomplishment as a Student:
shaniece sinclair student award winning poster for technical excellence in architectural technologyDuring the last year of my architecture program, we spent a semester working on large buildings.  The design group I was part of, along with three other classmates, came up with a design for a mixed-use residential building. At the end of that semester, all of the resulting student designs were entered into the school’s student design competition in the large building category. Then as we started our final semester, our design group was notified that our work had been shortlisted for best building in the category.

After winning our category we were given a few days to upgrade and enhance our drawings so our work could be entered into the provincial level competition at the annual OAA conference.

As a group, we worked tirelessly, and our efforts paid off. We won first place in the OAAAS (Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences) Student Competition and received the Student Award for Technological Excellence in Architectural Technology – Large Building category.

This was a great accomplishment and it is something which holds a very special place with me.

The most memorable career accomplishment at NORR is …
Simply getting the recognition of my peers, and more specifically from the people I work with who have decades more experience than I do. Being a recent grad and being recognized for hard work and effort is something that I consider to be a great personal accomplishment.

I love what I do because …
Design makes me happy. Solving problems and collaborating with others, whether within my particular field or not. I have had a passion for design and space allocation for years. To be able to fulfill my dreams and desires, in a way that helps support my life and the loved ones around me is a great and fulfilling thing.

What does a day in the life at NORR look like for you?
I start my day at NORR reviewing anything which remains outstanding from the previous day and then prioritize tasks and projects with any approaching deadlines.

From there I move on to discussing any projects or task as required with the relevant project manager(s) or principal(s).

After that I get right into it. Starting with the most important action items.

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, they’re just great companions

Hot or Cold?
Hot beverages, hot weather, hot food!

Who is your role model and why?
My primary role model is my mother. She has this amazing ability to make everything happen even when starting with very little. I feel that I model my strengths after her.

My parents taught me to…
My mother taught me a great deal about personal strength of purpose and the importance of sacrifice. She instilled in me a drive to keep going, through all adversity. My father taught me about forgiveness and about pursuing your dreams.

What book holds a special place on your shelf?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is my go-to book. It inspires me and surprisingly it teaches me something new every time I read it.