NORR CEO Update On Business Operations

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unprecedented for both the economy and for us as individuals, trying to make sense of what has happened to the world as we knew it. Over the past two months, we have all had to adapt to completely new routines and take extraordinary precautionary measures as we go about our business to ensure that we are keeping ourselves, and others, safe and healthy. Meanwhile, we anxiously await the time when this crisis is declared over and we can return to a more normal existence.

As it has been several weeks since I last communicated to you, I thought it was time to provide an update on how NORR and its employees are doing and how we are operating in the current environment.

With direction from our governments and health officials, NORR transitioned its 700 employees to a work-from-home program in mid March, and we continue to operate from our home offices to this day. Our teams are working successfully and efficiently on projects and engaging with clients and partners regularly using enterprise software and collaboration platforms. Where permissible, we also continue to visit sites where buildings deemed essential are under construction, ensuring that the highest level of safety measures are in place.

Across our market sectors, we have been busy assisting our clients with the challenges they are facing as a result of the pandemic. For example, one of our Health Sciences clients recently asked NORR to accelerate the delivery of two ICU floors at a new hospital tower to make beds available for COVID-19 patients. Also, we recently posted an information guide to our website that provides recommendations to our commercial clients about modifying their office environments to accommodate the post pandemic return of their workforce. Every time I hear the phrase “together, we will get through this.”, I truly appreciate the role that we have been privileged to play in supporting our clients.

Like many companies, we too are already planning for the eventual return of our employees back into our offices. We will be as careful and methodical in the approach to our return as we were in our departure. The health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance so you can expect that we will be more cautious than others in this regard. Our employees have proven to us that they can work as effectively from home, so we are in no rush.

Personally, I do not see the world returning to its previous pandemic state for many years to come – if ever. I do believe, however, that many lessons will be learned as a result of this crisis. As architects, designers and engineers, we can already sense how built environments will be transformed in many extraordinary ways. Whatever the future holds, our company remains ready and committed to lead the way.

Stay safe.

Brian Gerstmar
President & CEO