Martin Sparrow

Martin Sparrow


Principal, Public Buildings, Canada

Martin embraces a sustainability-driven approach to architecture with a focus on net-zero buildings and regenerative design. He believes that investing resources and ideas into projects being built today can lead to adaptive reuse for hundreds of years. A future-forward thinker and certified LEED® professional, Martin brings more than 35 years of experience in multiple sectors including Commercial and Public Buildings with a focus on high-rise office, mixed-use residential and institutional buildings.

In his role as Principal, Public Buildings, Martin leverages his experience as a leader in design. Managing complex large-scale projects and substantial integrated teams, he builds a strong workplace culture through transparency and honesty while mentoring those who are just as passionate about preserving our environment.

When he’s not leading his team towards a more sustainable future, Martin can be found golfing, gardening or globetrotting. Traveling has given Martin some of his best ideas, and he instills those values in his team by encouraging them to visit new places and learn from different cultures and destinations. Martin believes in connecting clients with knowledge, and the only way to achieve that is to get out there and collect the knowledge yourself.