Statement of Commitment

NORR is committed to treating all people in an integrated and accessible manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. We are committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner, by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility. We manage our programs in accordance with legislation in the regions in which we operate.

Accessibility Plan

NORR has a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlining the company’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers from its workplace and to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Recruitment, Selection and Assessment

NORR is committed to ensuring that reasonable accommodations are made available to persons with disabilities during the recruitment, selection and assessment process, as follows:

  •  Notify applicants about the availability of accommodations
  •  Notify successful applicants about policies and supports for accommodating people with disabilities

Employment Standards

NORR is committed to ensuring that reasonable accommodations are made available to employees with
disabilities, as follows:
  • Inform employees about revisions or updates to Company policies or processes relating to accommodation and accessibility
  • Provide or arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communication supports upon request from an employee with a disability
  • Develop and document individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities, upon request
  • Review and consider the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities when developing performance management tools or providing career development and advancement to employees
  • Provide a tailored workplace emergency response plan or information for employees with disabilities, as required and/or requested
  • Develop and have return to work processes in place for employees who are absent from work due to a disability and require disability related accommodations in order to return to work


NORR will ensure that all employees, agency and/or contractors involved in the recruitment, selection and management of employees have been verifiably trained as soon as possible. NORR will keep a record of training and retrain all employees if any changes are made to our policy or procedures.


Information and Communication

NORR is committed to arranging and providing accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities, as soon as is practicable, and at no additional cost to the individual. NORR will take into account the person’s accessibility needs when customizing an individual request.

NORR’s website and its contents conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.

Customer Service

NORR will ensure that its employees, agents and/or contractors are trained on and familiar with policies, best practices and procedures associated with:

  • Assistive Devices that may be used by customers/clients with disabilities
  • A service animal is not a pet. Any service animal which accompanies a person with a disability is welcomed on company premises. Exceptions to this include access to an area or areas that may pose a health and safety risk to any person on company premises. Should this be the case NORR will endeavor to accommodate a person with a disability by providing alternative arrangements for accessibility within company premises
  • Support Person accompanying a person with a disability on company premises

Notice of Temporary Service Disruption

In the event of any temporary disruptions to facilities and services NORR will make a reasonable effort to provide advance notice to all employees and customers. Posted notifications will include information about services that are disrupted or unavailable, reason for disruption, anticipated duration and a description of alternative services or options, if available.

Accessible Emergency Information for People with Disabilities

NORR is committed to ensuring that employees working on company premises are aware of and understand our Emergency Response Plan. The individual must advise NORR of any accommodation required in the event of an emergency on company premises. NORR will endeavour to provide individualized emergency response information when necessary.

Feedback Process

NORR shall provide clientele and employees with the opportunity to provide feedback on its accessibility standards.

If the individual providing feedback wishes to be contacted, they must provide their name and contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns about NORR’s accessibility policies and its related procedures please contact:

Human Resources
175 Bloor Street East, North Tower, 15th Floor
Toronto, ON

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every three years. Upon request, NORR will provide a copy of the Accessibility Plan in an accessible format.