NORR is an employee-owned, fully integrated A&E firm. Our professional team of 800 architects, engineers, planners and interior designers work collaboratively across 12 market sectors from offices located in Canada, the US, UK and UAE.

Our mission is to create socially aware, environmentally responsible, and financially viable architecture and engineering design solutions to ensure our clients achieve their business goals while contributing to healthier and sustainable spaces and places across the globe.

Founded in 1938 by Canadian Architect John B. Parkin, we’ve been building on our reputation for inspired design for 85 years. We continue to advance design through sustainable stewardship, diversity of people, the power of technology and the pursuit of excellence for the built environment. 

Our Team

Meet our leaders from across the globe with deep knowledge in 12 market sectors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At NORR, we believe in the value of people working together on a unified journey to create more resilient communities for future generations.

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Energy & Carbon

Design to achieve lower carbon emissions

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Design to achieve a better human experience

Community Impact

Design to achieve social benefits


Awards recognition is the result of unique architecture designed in harmony with our clients and communities