There’s always progressive thinking at NORR – around the world, and close to home. On our Spotlight pages, we are bringing focus to thought-leadership on topics related to the impact of COVID-19 – but go much further to explore how we reimagine resilient designs to future-proof buildings and spaces.


We enjoy exploring the innovations, challenges and possibilities of design. Read our latest thought leadership Insight Articles to find out how we advance integrated thinking to provide knowledge-based design shifts for the built environment.

Life at NORR

Every day is different at NORR. In 2020, like everyone else, our employees were forced to react to a pandemic that resulted in a transition from the workplace to virtual home offices. Using enterprise software, we’ve been successful in supporting our clients and partners in many ways.

Rethink, Recalibrate and Reimagine
the Healthcare Design Process

In a world where healthcare delivery has been disrupted due to the global pandemic, the time is now to rethink, recalibrate and reimagine the design process. Using simulation as a tool can better inform the design decisions of clinical solutions across the spectrum of virtual care to broader integrated systems design. Read our blogs to learn more.