Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

diverse group of collaborative workers

NORR believes equity, diversity and inclusion is a shared responsibility. As an employee-owned company, we work with organizations that share our work and social values to strengthen common goals across the globe. We are an equal opportunity employer that invests in people.

A Global Initiative

We are championing our own global initiative as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, NORRForward. The Vision is to promote and innovate a culture of inclusive teams, diversity of people, and equality for all to strengthen the human experience in our work, local and global communities. The Mission is to empower people to be successful and to achieve their aspirations, connected to a unified global team that recognizes individuals for who they are and what they can contribute to positively impact our communities today – and tomorrow.

Our goal is to evolve a Strategy that:

  • Develops proposals and initiatives to support equity, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Connects people to learning programs, growth networks and career plans
  • Identifies community initiatives that foster social and environmental benefits

Sponsored by our President & Chief Executive Officer, Brian Gerstmar,  the initiative brings together a working team of employees across the globe to take a hands-on approach to shape the program elements in all our locations. A broad range of activities are in progress by our local offices that help to promote equity, diversity and inclusion through:

  • Awareness – introducing a new generation of students to the A&E Industry with school ambassador programs that build confidence of the future opportunities in the profession for all
  • Learning – extending our long-standing in-house monthly lecture series, NORR ed, to active A&E students and professionals, sharing ideas on the built form and providing valuable continuing education and credits
  • Experience – providing work experience to a diverse group of A&E students
  • Advocacy – identifying and participating in professional A&E associations that support minorities
  • Mentorship – creating future leaders at NORR through mentorship programs
  • Transparency – holding regular open forums to discuss challenges and opportunities to uphold the Vision and Mission
  • Training – providing sensitivity training and succession programs at all levels to build respect and opportunity for all


NORR is committed to our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy which ensures equality of opportunity for women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples.  We employ a workforce that is reflective of the population and our communities.

To manage accommodations, NORR takes steps to eliminate disadvantage to employees and prospective employees resulting from a rule, practice or physical barrier that has or may have an adverse impact on individuals or groups.

We welcome applications to join our team and invite you to view our available positions by visiting our Careers page.

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