Nurturing the Next Generation of Architects

NORR Supports Building Futures Bursary Program at Newcastle University

We have committed to a five-year investment in the Building Futures bursary program, a transformative initiative, offered by Newcastle University in partnership with charity Blueprint for All. The bursary provides young people of diverse ethnic heritage with the opportunity to pursue their dreams of studying architecture at the University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

“Enhancing inclusion and diversity within built environment professions, including architecture, is of paramount importance, and education plays a key role in this,” says Dr Paola Gazzola, Head of School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University. “Through our partnership with Blueprint for All and the generosity and support of existing and new partnerships with Architecture practices, we can already see the potential and opportunities for change that we can achieve by working together, and by supporting young peoples’ dreams and aspirations to pursue a career in architecture.”

Newcastle University shares our social values to strengthen communities through equity, diversity and inclusion. It’s a commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive and diverse future. The bursary covers the cost of tuition fees over the scholar’s three-year undergraduate degree and provides a £7,000 contribution towards living costs each year. In addition, the program provides specialist workshops, work experience opportunities and mentoring.

“Our designs shape inspiring learning environments globally and we understand that investing in education helps students achieve their potential,” says Robin Stewart, Director, UK. “By investing in the Building Futures bursary program, we are making education more accessible by helping to financially support students to meet their academic goals.”

“Nurturing the next generation of architects is of great importance to NORR and we are proud advocates of the Building Futures program,” adds John Baird, Managing Director, UK. “By removing financial barriers to education, talented individuals from all backgrounds will help to shape the future of the built environment.”

Our team has an existing business relationship with Newcastle University through the design of the Stephenson Building redevelopment. Phase 1 of the new space recently opened to engineering students and researchers for the start of the new academic year.

The University has been collaborating with Blueprint for All for the past four years. The charity partners with communities and businesses across the UK to create systemic change and build a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunity and access to education. Entry into the program is based on academic merit, potential, achievement, and a short interview. The pool of students is drawn from the cities and regions across the UK. The first graduates received their degrees this past summer.