Creating Future Leaders of Architecture at Napier University

NORR is an official industry partner of Napier University in the UK, supporting the next generation of architects through mentorship, learning and collaboration. The strategic partnership is part of our NORRForward initiative that is committed to sharing knowledge and solutions to help solve world challenges.

Brian O’Donnell, Director of Operations, returns to tutoring fourth year students at the University’s BSc Architectural Technology course — a program accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT). The curriculum covers a balance of architectural technology, building performance, and the regulatory framework governing our industry. He will play a pivotal role in mentoring the 12-week AT4 design modules and encourage students to tap into his amassed experience which spans more than 35 years.

“We are keen on attracting highly qualified graduates to NORR and actively collaborating with Napier University to deliver a curriculum that aligns with industry demands,” said O’Donnell. “Our proactive approach ensures we help students develop relevant skills and prepare them for a career in architecture.”

O’Donnell contributed in a similar way in the 2022/2023 term where he conducted in-studio tutorials, reviewing individual design progress and offering feedback, before conducting final assessments of completed designs. This year, he will provide input on the project brief and module format based on past feedback.

“Our symbiotic relationship with Napier University has turned into a partnership that will continue for years to come,” adds O’Donnell. “It also positions us to tap into a continuous stream of talented Architectural Technology students, provide placements, and open avenues for potential long-term careers. In fact, we recently hired two graduates from the program to join our team in Glasgow, Scotland. Both have seamlessly integrated into their roles.”

This initiative extends beyond academic guidance and recruitment. It’s an opportunity to provide valuable mentorship and contribute to developing the next generation of leaders in architecture and engineering. It also allows us to actively shape the industry, fortify partnerships, and strengthen our presence on a global scale.