Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis

Principal, Retail, North America

Andrea is a high-energy creative professional working at the forefront of retail and experience design. For more than 20 years, her focus has been delivering story-driven environments and customer experiences for brands across North America. Her high-impact and highly functional spaces evoke emotion through surprise, discovery and desire. Understanding and integrating brand narratives and omnichannel marketing strategies into a physical retail space, helps to achieve cohesive brand experiences for consumers – and return on investment for retailers.

As Principal, Retail, Andrea has collaborated with brands of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to single brand proprietors. Her portfolio comprises specialty retail, grocery and convenience, merchandise and airport concessions. With a strong interior design foundation and philosophy, she believes that consumers are looking for dynamic and inclusive shopping experiences where localization and convenience are significant aspects of the shoppers’ journey. By integrating technology into the design, the brand narrative comes to life in the physical space, igniting the experience from the moment a shopper enters the store to the final point of sale.

“Retail is people centric, and as a result the branding and storytelling must be well communicated in the design,” says Andrea. “Consumers want to know that their dollars are supporting the values that they have in their life. They want to buy into a lifestyle, or be part of a community, or know that their brand is acting on sustainability initiatives. Retail isn’t just transactional anymore; it means different things to different people. Retailers have an opportunity to develop their brand personality and narrative through design at every touch point.”

Andrea finds harmony between work and life. She is a certified yoga instructor and applies the foundations of balance and wellness into the essence of design strategy – a perpetual pursuit of equilibrium.