Charlie McQuilkin

Charlie McQuilkin


Director, Health Sciences, UK

Charlie McQuilkin leads with knowledge and passion in healthcare design. He has mastered the complexity of modern architecture across multiple typologies including acute, primary, mental health and speciality care facilities. He understands that each project at the community level has specific requirements from the health system – and that patients also have specific needs – so interacting with all stakeholders helps to close the gap to deliver an environment of positivity, healing and well-being. Design plays a vital role in making patients feel welcome, empowered and valued, which in turn influences the recovery process.

As Director, Health Sciences, UK, Charlie takes a hands-on approach in examining the evolving healthcare sector. There are significant changes that are affecting design from virtual environment, 3D modelling, virtual reality, automation in technology and robotics in operating theatres. But nothing comes close to the new viruses that are far more diverse and far more dangerous than we’ve realized in a decade. Charlie collaborates with multi-stakeholders to advance our designs in tandem with the evolving state of healthcare. Charlie’s current projects include The Baird Family Hospital and The ANCHOR Centre under construction in Aberdeen, Scotland. The two new innovative hospital designs will provide inclusive and compassionate environments providing high quality care for patients. Designed by NORR, the Baird building will provide modern and innovative Maternity and Neo Natal care, while The ANCHOR Centre will provide much needed out-patient and day patient services for Oncology and Hematology patients, as well as facilitating research and teaching.

Both projects have been designed using the NHS KSAR and SDAC principles to ensure design and construction quality and energy efficiency.

Charlie is a huge fan of Hurling, the outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic Irish origin. It is an inspiration for teamwork, strength, robustness and agility that underpins his work ethos.