David Dovas

David Dovas

PE, P. Eng., LEED® AP, CPD

Principal, Mechanical Engineering, North America

David Dovas exemplifies leadership in Mechanical Engineering. He guides the big-picture mechanical system designs with multi-disciplinary teams. From concept through construction and commissioning, David plays a vital role in project delivery, leading complex and sustainable engineering projects across multiple sectors including Commercial, Education, Health Sciences, Industrial, Public Buildings, and Transportation.

As Principal, Mechanical Engineering, sustainability, and regeneration are a focus for David. He embraces energy analysis and modeling, due diligence, feasibility, and facility assessment studies to ensure existing buildings can meet client-directed performance targets – and to ensure new buildings achieve stated performance ratings. David collaborates with project teams to manage optimization strategies for a wide spectrum of applications including HVAC systems and plumbing design, fire, life safety controls and geothermal systems. As for sustainable development, David knows that businesses have a wide range of green options to choose from that will make their projects better for the planet. He believes that mechanical engineers have a duty to inform and educate owners and investors about enhanced solutions – and the cost-benefit for improving air quality, supporting the well-being of occupants and implementing alternative energy methods in order to create reliable and flexible buildings for the future.

David has a keen and quick eye for detail. He prides himself on attention to quality assurance and quality control to ensure that the final mechanical design aligns with the respective region codes and standards, taking ownership of his work.

He employs a team mentality in both his professional and personal life. At the office, he works to engage all stakeholders in making informed design decisions, while at home he engages his children in sports activities, such as hockey, to inform the collective strength of a team.