Erin Faulkner

Erin Faulkner

Architect, AAA

Principal, Residential, North America

Erin Faulkner is fueled by a client-centric and integrity-driven approach. Her experience in overseeing projects from concept to construction extends across sectors and disciplines, including Industrial, Retail, Commercial, Mixed-Use and Interior Design. In her current role, Erin’s focus is within the Residential sector across all scales and typologies. Whether at work, in a supervisory and mentorship role through the AAA internship program or as a Sessional Instructor at the University of Calgary’s M.Arch. program, she demonstrates her leadership and commitment to mentoring the next generation of architects while staying at the forefront of trends and best practices.

At NORR, Erin immerses herself in each project, working to deliver design solutions that align with her client’s vision to enhance design and adhere to budgets and regulations. She firmly believes in the impact of design to positively influence the end user, communities and cities. Passionate about residential design, Erin finds fulfillment in shaping spaces integral to daily life and recognizing the evolving needs of occupants, such as coworking amenities in new developments.

Through her work, she is also interested in the broader impact of residential architecture within the urban fabric and actively contributes to holistic sustainability efforts. By building strong collaborative teams and fostering meaningful client relationships, Erin works to realize project goals while enriching both the built environment and the lives of its inhabitants.

Extending her enthusiasm beyond professional practice, Erin embraces life with an adventurous spirit. She finds joy in the endless possibilities that each day brings, wholeheartedly embracing new experiences. This informs Erin’s approach to architecture; she draws inspiration from diverse facets of life to enhance the spaces we inhabit and integrate them with social responsibility, economic viability, and environmental stewardship.