Jacqui Souter

Jacqui Souter


Vice President, Human Resources

Jacqui joined NORR in 2002, taking on progressively senior roles at the company, where today she is responsible for global Human Resources. Jacqui is super dynamic and plays a pivotal role in providing a clear line of sight to align NORR’s organizational design to its business strategy. She designs and implements programs, policies and practices that harmonize the human resources function across the organization and fosters continuous professional growth of our people to remain competitive in the industry.

As a member of NORR’s corporate management team and Board of Directors, Jacqui leads the people side of our workplace strategy. She has accountability for the design of our hybrid office model for the future of work at NORR in a post-pandemic environment to ensure a positive employee experience.

Born in South Africa, spring and summer are Jacqui’s favorite seasons. She spends as much time as possible enjoying all that the warm weather has to offer in North America. She especially enjoys cycling on miles of old railway lines that have been converted into bike trails. “When you start out it always feels a bit daunting to see a long line of trees with no end in sight – much like a career,” says Jacqui. “However, before you know it, you realize you have accomplished so much just by taking it a mile at a time.”