Luke Le

Luke Le

B.Tech (Arch)

Principal, Health Sciences, North America

Since joining NORR in 2005, Luke has been instrumental in developing the Health Sciences Studio in Toronto, ON. His commitment to building strong relationships with his clients and understanding their vision and goals has produced creative solutions. Luke is a hands-on Principal with diverse proven leadership experience as a Project Manager and Studio Manager and has led multiple projects across a multitude of healthcare facilities.  He has worked to perfect the design process and protocols in partnership with project representatives and clinical leaders to solve operational and clinical challenges. Luke brings a deep understanding of healthcare practices combined with technical knowledge and business acumen, and champions positive transformational change and continuous quality improvement through project execution.

In his role as Principal Health Sciences, Luke sets the benchmark and leads the quality assurance and quality control on every project. His patient-centered design philosophy is demonstrated in all projects. Luke believes that every project should be approached in the same manner and starts by answering the question, “Why?” He mentors his team to make meaningful contributions to healing environments.

Luke is passionate about helping others and reimagining how healthcare design services are executed and delivered.