Peter Croft

Peter Croft


Director, Operations

From the age of five, Peter knew he wanted to be an Architect. His curiosity of design led him on a successful life journey helping to shape the built environment on two continents. Originally trained in Birmingham, England as an Architect, he emigrated to Canada in 2001 and has put his creativity, leadership and technology skills to work. Today, as Director of Operations for the EducationHealth SciencesJustice and Public Buildings sectors, Peter leads an integrated team of architects, engineers and interior designers on large, complex transformation projects such as Carling Campus and Canada’s Parliamentary Precinct Long Term Vision and Plan.

Peter believes that integrated sustainable design is good design – and that designers provide ongoing value over the lifecycle of a building using Building Information Modeling (BIM). He utilizes BIM as a design tool, allowing his multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate in a much more integrated way. It provides 3D model and asset information to owners and operators, helping them better understand their new infrastructure in a way not possible before.

Peter’s drive for efficiency and sustainability is evident in his preferred mode of commuting to work and job sites on his road bike, proudly wearing his NORR cycling jersey. He sets the paceline both on and off the road, leading clients, partners, and team members across the finish line.