Rod Conde

Rod Conde

M. Arch, CCCA

Director, Operations

Adaptability is the North Star for Rod Conde. His international experience with global and national brands has taken him across the world from Latin America to the UK and North America. Rod knows the importance of diversity of people and place, and firmly believes that providing a positive impact on the built environment is what sets successful A&E companies apart.

In his role as Director, Operations, Rod is well-positioned to manage diverse teams, sectors and project types including Commercial and Residential. His hands-on knowledge in design, operations, project management and delivery, supports a holistic view of the process from concept to completion. He consistently builds strong, multidisciplinary teams that harmonize the right skill set and attitude. Rod is always open to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning from others, because he knows that together, teams can have greater success, productivity, and influence. He is tenacious and able to solve problems logically. But also leads with heart and advocates for an inclusive company culture.

As an architect, Rod understands the crucial need for sustainable development, and the methodologies and design solutions that are good for the planet. He takes pride in teaching others the importance of reducing the affects of climate change. A big part of his role is to educate clients by working with them to provide a road map for what is relevant and meaningful in meeting their sustainability targets. With buildings generating almost 40 per cent of the world’s GHG emissions, architecture and engineering firms must take a lead in providing environmentally responsible designs.

Rod grew up in El Salvador and lived in the UK before settling in Calgary, AB. Diversity is a thread found not only in his career, but also in his love for music. For him, everything comes down to rhythm and flow.