Salil Ranadive

Salil Ranadive

P.Eng., LEED® AP

Principal, Electrical Engineering, North America

Salil Ranadive, Principal, Electrical Engineering, North America leads strategies at NORR that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. He is passionate about sustainable design solutions. Meaning that he’s focused on developing solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality of life for people and the planet. Solutions such as the electrification of new, existing and heritage buildings through battery power; as well as renewable sources such as photovoltaic (PV) panels and wind power.

Salil’s career at NORR is compelling. As the lead in Electrical Engineering, he helps with project delivery across multiple sectors including Health Sciences, Commercial and Public Buildings. Furthermore, Salil Ranadive, Principal, Electrical Engineering, North America, was responsible for the conceptual design, detailed engineering and contract administration during the revitalization of Canada’s largest multi-modal hub, Union Station in Toronto, ON and the transformation of a multi-building government site to new home of Department of National Defense, Carling Campus, in Ottawa, ON.

His strong technical capabilities, effective interpersonal skills and management acumen, are instrumental to our success. For instance, he was a key player in zero emission vehicles infrastructure strategies for the electrification of municipal buses and commercial fleets. Salil’s most recent project includes collaboration with Canada Post Corporation Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Program. He enjoys working with and assessing technology to understand how it can make our lives better. Similarly, he believes that sustainable engineering systems have a human benefit for occupants in the form of well-being. In addition, a cost benefit for building owners through lower operational costs. He understands that technology is evolving. Engineers need to keep pace with it to inform and implement green solutions.

Early in his career, Salil was an owner of an Indian restaurant. It gave him a strong perspective of what it takes to build a strong team. Simultaneously, how to maintain unity even outside of work through regular social events and gatherings. Being an entrepreneur also helped him empathize with clients. Specifically, appreciate their concerns, and understand what they are trying to achieve.