Tobias Fellows

Tobias Fellows

B.Arch., Arch.D., OAA, MRAIC, LEED® AP

Principal, Public Buildings, North America

Over a 20-year career in architecture, Tobias has led and delivered quality, award-winning projects across Canada, with a focus on the National Capital Region. He has hands-on experience across multiple market sectors including Public Buildings, Education, Science & Research and Commercial. Tobias has earned the reputation of a strong leader, applying his unique skill set of creative design, technical acumen and a proactive approach to project management.

As a Principal based in NORR’s Ottawa Office, Tobias specializes in public buildings. Working for clients such as PSPC, BGIS and, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Tobias leads a multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers, planners and designers, through a collaborative process, developing solutions for complex, purpose-driven designs, from recapitalization projects to new construction at every scope and scale. His recent projects include Les Terrasses de la Chaudière, a sustainable redevelopment of the largest government complex in Canada, Carling Campus Project (CCP), a recapitalization of a 12-building campus, Ottawa ON, consolidating operations from over 40 facilities, and culturally significant projects such as Together House, a historic transformation project of the former US Embassy into a building that promotes Nation to Nation relations, reconciliation and self determination, while casting a renewed relationship with Indigenous Peoples and Canadians.

Tobias is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys canoeing, camping and hiking around the unique landscapes and environs of Ontario, Quebec and the Appalachian Mountains in northeastern United States. He draws great inspiration and meaning for design from these activities in nature, as it develops a strong connection to our shared natural environment and the stories these landscapes symbolize.