Celebrating Our 2023 Associates

Congratulations to our seven new Associates who have demonstrated leadership in their respective disciplines. We are proud to recognize this group of professionals who embody our mission and continuously uphold our core values.

Our new Associates will play a significant role in our strategy to design more resilient, adaptive structures to maximize lifespans, minimize carbon footprints and regenerate existing buildings. Their skill sets and commitment to decarbonization will help to slow climate change.


Dorota Witalec – Associate | Senior Project Manager

“We are committed to sustainable design and reducing our carbon footprint. We research and specify a variety of green options including long lasting and recycled materials, sealing building envelopes, utilizing natural lights, and restoring land and biodiversity during the design process.”


Patricia Costa – Associate | Studio Manager

“Through sustainable design and the materials we specify in our projects, we can contribute to lowering emissions into the environment and lowering our carbon footprint. On a personal level, I try to save energy in my house throughout all seasons and reuse and recycle objects as much as possible.”


Hanna Lasota – Associate | Team Lead

“My role is to recommend an eco-friendly approach and solution for building construction in the hopes of minimizing the project’s carbon footprint.”


Stephanie Uy – Associate | Architect

“Collaborating with project engineers, specialty consultants, and constructors is inspiring. Together, we find innovative solutions for complex infrastructure projects. Our goal is to design convenient and cost-effective transit facilities and infrastructure that connect people across different regions. We help reduce our carbon footprint by lessening the reliance of personal vehicles and leaving behind a more sustainable planet for future generations.”


Paul Frasie – Associate | Studio Manager, Mechanical Engineering

“As climate change continues to affect the environment and weather patterns, it’s important to implement HVAC systems that are resilient and adaptable – our designs do just that. in HVAC design is critical for achieving sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings.”

Neva Field – Associate | Senior Project Manager, Mechanical


Cara Molnar – Associate | Design Technology Manager

“Design technology is focused on deploying innovative software solutions that enable our architectural and engineering teams to deliver projects that optimize projects through cost, energy and the reduction of carbon dioxide.”

As we celebrate our 85th anniversary in 2023, we look to our new Associates as the next generation of ambassadors for sustainable, equitable and inclusive design.