Habitat for Humanity

As corporate partners, we are proud to be part of Build Day and provide Chicago residents with a safe and decent place to live.

Our Chicago team is proud to be part of Habitat for Humanity’s Build Day. The volunteer initiative took place in the city’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood where we worked on a group of three single family homes. The NORR team installed roofing, framing walls, baseboards, and shoes, and finished work and prep for painting.

As a corporate partner, we collaborated with Habitat for Humanity’s crew leaders, local volunteers, and future homeowners. The goal of the event is to help provide everyone with a safe and decent place to live – as is in line with the organization’s mission.

According to the non-profit, one in ten people in Chicago, IL, are living in inadequate housing and experiencing severe problems with plumbing, heating, electricity, hallways, and upkeep. Initiatives such as Build Day help provide stable, clean, and affordable housing options for residents and families. Each project ensures that newly built homes have sanitary and reliable washroom facilities; properly wired and secure kitchen areas; functioning and running hot and cold water; working smoke detectors; clean air quality; a strong foundation; leakproof roofs; and air-tight windows and doors. A healthy house results in overall improvement to residents’ home and professional lives as well as their mental health and well-being.

Through their projects, Habitat for Humanity is focused on positively impacting entire communities. To do so, it places higher concentration on neighborhoods that need the most support. Greater Grand Crossing, for example, was a vital community undergoing a decline in the quality of life and well being of its population. Habitat for Humanity built on the strengths of the area – including a reliable and accessible transportation system; local businesses and medical facilities; and government funding in educational programs – and brought in more opportunities and affordable housing options in the hopes of creating a resurgence in the community.