Spencer Rand

Spencer Rand


Director, Global Marketing

Educated as an architect, Spencer Rand embraced his passion for design to advance his career in digital media across video, 3D and virtual and augmented reality. As Director, Global Marketing, his experience in the architecture and engineering industry, in combination with the commercial real estate space, is a driving force in creating content that is relevant and meaningful, and that helps to inform and educate clients.

Spencer works to keep people connected on the most impactful stories of our time. As digital media has become the staple for the way individuals consume information, he partners with project teams to support sharing of knowledge on our corporate channels on topics ranging from best practices and new techniques, to achieving low carbon high performance buildings and simulation informed design. His engagement in real world conversations in an omnichannel approach builds stronger relationship with our employees, clients and partners to impact change on the climate crisis. He has developed several video series focused on healthcare design, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability.

In his spare time, Spencer designs public sculptures with haptic and kinetic interaction providing the sense of touch mediated by technology. These artworks have a call and response in the same way his stories engage us to evaluate how buildings are made.