Silvio Baldassarra

Silvio Baldassarra



Silvio Baldassarra is an innovative design architect recognized by his unique architecture/engineering approach to large-scale complex projects during his 45-year career. His experience spans all sectors including aviation, commercial, education, institutional, justice, sports and transportation. Today, he is the Chair of NORR and continues to lead, design and manage major projects and to build new project sectors. He is regularly sought after as an architectural guest speaker.

Silvio’s career has included the following major projects which he strategically won, led and managed including:

Professionally, Silvio was recognized by his peers in 2010, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. In 2017, he was the Innovative Architecture Award recipient in the Premio Laziale dell`Anno 2017 by the Lazio Federation of Ontario. In 2019, Silvio was awarded the Ordine al Merito by the National Congress of Italian Canadians in recognition of outstanding achievement in architecture. Silvio is a registered Architect in Ontario and 5 other Canadian Provinces. Personally, he is a Knight of Columbus and holds a 4th degree in the Blessed Trinity Parish in Toronto.

In 2007, Silvio started NORRed – which began as an in-house lecture series inviting some of the world’s most innovative architects and engineers as guest speakers. Today, Silvio continues to host the NORRed series virtually, now offered to participating architecture and engineering colleges and universities worldwide. The sessions are also available on NORR’s YouTube channel as an educational contribution to the industry.